Permit Holder Permit Issuer Training

LIMITED OFFER: Book two courses online and receive a 15% refund off the course of the lowest value at the time of attending the second course. Payment must be made through the website in full to be eligible for this offer.

The Course covers the requirements of the following national units of competency:

MSMWHS201 Conduct Hazard Analysis,
MSMPER201 Monitor and Control Work Permits,&
MSMPER300 Issue Work Permits


Locate any existing workplace procedures available to deal with the identified hazards.

Determine and record the likelihood and consequence of each of these unresolved hazards.

Determine if the risk level is acceptable or unacceptable

Determine and compare the feasibility of each option for the identified hazard.

Identify the most appropriate course of action for dealing with the situation

Identify and obtain and resources required for the selected risk treatment option

Review the effectiveness of the treatment/control measure, identify and report any issues that could be improved

Awareness of the information that may need to be reported to supervisors and recorded as per site and legislative requirements

Identify need for work permit

Prepare work site for authorised work

Raise and issue work permits

Monitor work for compliance

Receive end of day report

Close work permit

Identify and monitor permit conditions

Monitor work permit systems

Identify and action non-compliance

Confirm compliance with permit