Online Training Courses - Coming Soon

LIMITED OFFER: Book two courses online and receive a 15% refund off the course of the lowest value at the time of attending the second course. Payment must be made through the website in full to be eligible for this offer.

MSTS will soon be offering On-Line Training Courses.

The White Card Course, Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry – CPCCWHS1001,  will soon be available to do OnLine.

Once available Online, Courses can be signed up for, using the MSTS Web Site, and can be started within minutes.

After signing up and verification, you will receive an email from Mandurah Safety and Training Services, with all the details of the course. This will include a Link to the Training Course, a User ID and Password,  a registration form, and other instructions.

Online Training Courses will typically have several components.

  1. The online presentations, which include a voice-over narration.
  2. Multiple Choices Quizzes and the end of each Chapter.
  3. A Facetime or Skype, with a certified MSTS Trainer, to do a face-to-face practical assessment.