Slewing Mobile Crane Training

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TLILIC3008A – Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)

TLILIC0013 – Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes)

This unit specifies the outcomes required to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes or 60 tonnes) for licensing purposes.

It encompasses the requirement for non-slewing mobile crane licence and the vehicle loading crane licence.

This unit requires the operator to plan the work, conduct routine checks, set up crane, transfer loads, mobile loads and shut down and secure the crane.

This unit is based on the requirements of the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work.

This unit in its current form meets state and territory licensing requirements.

Any alteration will result in a unit which is not acceptable to regulators for the purpose of licensing.


After successfully completing this course applicants will be able to:

• Conduct pre start and operational checks.

• Be able to assess work required to be completed and plan safely to complete.

• Be aware of potential hazards with regard to cranes in the workplace.

• Understand and read load charts.

• Be aware of the range of safety devices required on cranes.

• Understand operational requirements of Pin Jib and Hydraulic boom cranes.

• Inspect chains, soft and FSWR slings and calculate safe working loads.

• Assess loads for centre of gravity and weight.

• State requirements for multi crane lifts and lifting of personnel.

• Understand recognised crane signals.

• Understand the types, and use of lifting apparatus.

• Set up crane.

• Use manual extensions.

• Road travel with cranes.

• Reave sheaves and winch drums.