Forklift Truck Training

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TLILIC0003 – Licence to operate a forklift truck

Looking for a Forklift training course around Perth?

The MSTS Forklift Training Course is designed to train and equip you to be forklift licenced and able to carry out all methods of forklift operations.

With our first class facilities and trainers, MSTS courses are among the best forklift training Perth & WA have to offer.

A Forklift Licence (also known as a forklift ticket) is required for anyone operating a Forklift of any capacity.

There are two courses of different durations, a 2 day course tailored towards inexperienced personnel and the 1 day course tailored towards the experienced personnel.

This forklift course has both theory and practical components and will demonstrate the correct methods for all Forklift operations to ensure a safe and productive work place.

The Forklift course is available in both the Mandurah and Port Hedland Training Centres.

Forklift is a high risk work licence , and on successful completion, participants are awarded a WorkSafe High Risk Work Licence (class LF), as well as a Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency.

Participants of forklift training in Mandurah or Port Hedland will gain knowledge of the following:

  • Load types & characteristics
  • Forklift stabilityRisk management
  • Forklift types & usesSafe driving practices
  • Start-up and Shutdown procedure
  • Load charts Lift attachment types & uses

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course applicants will be able to:

  • Conduct pre start and operational checks.
  • Be able to assess work required to be completed and plan safely to complete.
  • Understand the legislation covering the use of a Forklift.
  • Know and be able to use the correct personal protective equipment required when operating a Forklift.

Operate the forklift within its capacities and:

  • Recognize potential hazards.
  • Pick up and place loads.
  • Travel loads correctly.
  • Be aware of centre of gravity of loads and stability.
  • General operational and driving skills.
  • Stacking loads at Heights.
  • Safety shut down and parking.

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