GTA Training

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MSMWHS217 – Gas test atmospheres

With our first class facilities and trainers MSTS courses are among the gas testing courses Perth & WA has to offer.

This one day course covers the theory and practical application of Gas Test Atmospheres. Upon successful completion, applicants will be awarded a Statement of Attainment.

Gas Test Atmospheres Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course applicants will have completed off-the-job training during which the following key theoretical and practical competencies were covered in relation to Gas Test Atmospheres:

  • Determine gas testing regime/sampling pattern required
  • Identify hazards from possible atmosphere containments
  • Use gas testing equipment to test gas as required
  • Intepret and report readings
  • Monitor gas on an ongoing basis as required
  • Take required actions if readings are unacceptable
  • Maintain equipment
  • Knowledge of common chemical asphyxiants
  • Knowledge of explosive range, upper and lower explosive limits
  • Knowledge of conditions under which atmospheres become hazardous

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