First Attack Fire Fighting Training

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CPPFES2005A – Demonstrate first attack firefighting equipment

The MSTS fire fighting training course is designed to train and equip you to be competent in the fighting of fires within your work environment.

With our first class facilities and trainers MSTS courses are among the best fire fighting course Perth & WA has to offer.

The Fire Fighting course is suitable for anyone who may need to use various fire fighting equipment.

The course will cover what equipment is most suitable to put out each type of fire and how to correctly use it.

Upon completion, applicants will understand the theory and practical application of using Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses and Fire Blankets.

This course is available in both the Mandurah and Port Hedland Training Centres.

On successful completion, students are awarded a Statement of Attainment and a Wallet Card.

Demonstrate First Attack Fire Fighting Equipment Learning Outcomes:

Use portable fire extinguishers to extinguish a simulated fire

  • Determine the classification and fire type
  • Select the appropriate fire extinguisher to attack the fire
  • Demonstrate usage of fire extinguishers safely according to them manufacturers’ instructions, and in accordance with relevant OHS and workplace policies and procedures

Demonstrate correct usage of a fire hose reel

  • Demonstrate usage of the hose reel safely according to manufacturers’ instructions and in accordance with relevant OHS and workplace policies and procedures
  • Turn off water in the approved sequence and check the hose reel for leaks
  • Rewind the hose reel correctly after use

Demonstrate correct usage of a fire blanket

  • Demonstrate usage of the fire blanket safely according to manufacturers’ instructions and in accordance with therelevant OHS and workplace policies and procedures


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