Excavator & Loader Training

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RIIMPO320D – Conduct Excavator operationsRIIMPO321D

Conduct Wheeled front end loader operations

  • Plan and prepare for excavator operations
  • Operate excavator
  • Lift, carry and place materials
  • Select, remove and fit attachments
  • Relocate the excavator
  • Carry out machine operator maintenance
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

Statement of Attainments

Conduct Civil Construction Excavator Operations RIIMPO320D

Conduct Civil Construction Wheeled Front End Loader Operations RIIMPO321D

The competencies being addressed in this program are those identified in the unit. As such a successful outcome of this training is the awarding of a nationally recognized Statement of Attainment bearing the Nationally Recognised Training logo.

These units are appropriate for those required to be able to plan and prepare, conduct machine pre-operational checks, operate front end loaders or excavators, attach, secure, lift, carry and place materials, select, remove and fit attachments, relocate the Wheeled Front End Loader, carry out machine operator maintenance and clean up.

Job opportunities could arise from civil construction industries and related industries, where employees need to operate a Wheeled Front End Loader or an excavator.