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Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) TLILIC0005

The Elevated Work Platform (EWP) training is required for anyone operating any type of EWP ticket over 11 metres. This course covers the safe working practices and operations and has a theory and practical component. The EWP course is run at our first-class facilities in both the Mandurah and Port Hedland Training Centres.

MSTS courses are among the best EWP courses Perth and WA have to offer. Upon successful completion of your EWP ticket, participants are awarded a WorkSafe High Risk Work License (class WP), as well as a Statement of Attainment.

This licence is applicable to all types of EWP’s e.g. Scissor Lifts, Cherry Pickers, etc.

EWP course content includes:

  • Plan work
  • Select correct EWP for individual jobs
  • Routine check elements and pre-operational checks
  • Hazard identification
  • Operation of elevating work platform
  • Use of emergency decent equipment
  • Proper shut down and securing of work platform

Duration for beginners’ course: 1.5 days (12 hours)

Duration for experienced operators: 1 day (eight hours)

This course will be conducted using a modern self-propelled lift of the type and size being used in most workplaces.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this course, applicants will be able to:

  • Be aware of duty of care requirements, relevant sections of the O.H. & S. Regulations and Australian Standards.
  • Safely plan and execute all operations involving the use of an Elevated Work Platform including stability, movement and setting up.
  • Select the correct machine for individual jobs
  • Be aware of hazards associated with the use of an EWP
  • Conduct pre-operational checks
  • Use emergency decent equipment provided with the machine.
  • Understand the legislation covering the use of an Elevated Work Platform.
  • Know and be able to use the correct personal protective equipment required when operating an EWP.

This course will be conducted using a modern self-propelled lift of the type and size being used in most workplaces.


All learners must be at least 18 years old and able to read and comprehend English to a level that will enable them to safely perform duties as specified in the competency standard. MSTS recognises that some learners may require more support to meet the requirements of the training course.

We will endeavour to meet these needs with regards to; language, literacy and numeracy skills. Learners are encouraged, prior to commencing the course and where applicable, to complete an MSTS LLN analysis, which will assist the Trainer/Assessor to interpret individual skill level and manage this from the onset.

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