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WorkSafe WA – Guide to safe use of work place trolleys

The use of trolleys can help reduce manual task injuries. However, inappropriate use of trolleys can increase safety risks.

Because of this, WorkSafe WA has released a guide, Manual task solutions – Trolleys to assist workers and employers in selecting a trolley to use and using it appropriately.

“The selected design should suit the load, environment, task and workers using the trolley, otherwise they may introduce new risks,” WorkSafe stated in the guide.

For the full guide please click on the link below;


Safety Alert – Use of saw blades on angle grinders

NT WorkSafe has issued an alert after a worker recently received a serious injury to his hand after using a milling blade fitted to a 4” grinder to tidy up an aluminium work piece. A saw-type blade was specifically highlighted by the manufacturer of the grinder as an attachment not suitable for the tool.

Although the alert is from a neighboring state, this alert certainly has a lot of relevance here in WA. For the full article and recommendations of how to avoid such injury please click on the link below;


Pioneering cricket umpire first to wear safety helmet

For a lot of us here in Australia summer time also means cricket time, and more recently the domestic ‘Big Bash League’ or BBL as it is also known has been growing rapidly in popularity.

But what does this have to do with workplace safety you may ask? Well as the cricket players  have access to state of the art safety equipment, what about the poor umpires who have to officiate games and put themselves in the line of fire of that little white round missile.

Umpire Gerard Abood appeared in a recent TV interview to discuss him wearing a helmet for his own safety, for the interview please click on the link below;