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High Risk Work Licence Search

WorkSafe WA has reported recently a case of an individual using a falsified high risk work licence (HRWL). The man in questions was claiming to hold 12 classes of HRWL. With this in mind what can an employer do to avoid this situation?

The simple answer to this lies on the WorkSafe WA website, where you can find a tool for searching for a licence and registration of an individual. The tool will show the licence number, issued date, expiry date and also the classes the licence holder is registered for.

The link for this is;


Whilst we are on the topic of expiry dates it may be a good time of year to check the expiry date on both your own, and your employees’ expiry dates on their HRWL. You can use the tool at the hyperlink that was mentioned previously to check on this.

Update to Australian Standards for Slinging Loads

Recent changes to Australian Standard AS3775 limit calculations of grade 80 (T) chain to a configuration of 60 degrees maximum angle when reeved around a load.

Previously the standard allowed to double wrap and bight at all angles up to 120 degrees. Under the new Australian standard 90 and 120 degree angles are no longer allowed and therefore are not applicable on tags.