What is your cancellation policy?

News / What is your cancellation policy?

Fees are payable in full, prior to course commencement, irrespective of the training course outcome and before a Statement of Attainment or Record of Attendance will be issued.

A learner may withdraw from a training course prior to commencement, by providing three (3) business days written notice, or as per cancellation clause in the quotation provided. In this instance; a full refund will be applicable or one free transfer to a suitable date, free of charge.

If the learner withdraws within the three (3) days cancellation period, 50% of the total course cost will be applied. The learner will, as an alternative option, be given the opportunity to transfer to another course date, within the following month. No further transfers will be applied.

If a learner fails to register or cancels on the day of training, no refund will be given.

The full version of our cancellation policy is available on our website or can be sent on request.